Why I trained to be a Naturopath

Herbal Medicine

Where do I begin?….Being a mother isn’t an easy duty. I got to learn that when my second son reacted badly to his first immunisation at 6 weeks old. Within a month he got spots. Three months later his whole body was red and inflamed. He cried night and day, day and night. I was lucky if I got 1 to 3 hours sleep each night. Every second day we were at the GP and every 3 weeks at A&E to sit and cry with this little man of mine. Begging doctors to HELP him. His eyes expressed so much pain. I thought it might be the washing powder. Water? My kiss?

At nine months he was hospitalised for 4 days. That was how bad his skin had become. Hopefully I thought, I would be instructed how to treat his skin. I applied the creams and steroid creams. After a short while, I found that my kids’ skin wasn’t responding to the usual cream anymore so I switched and again it started to heal. So I knew what to do. Change creams as often as I could.

A friend had told me about Colloidal Silver. I bought a bottle and to my surprise….With each change of his nappy I sprayed his body with colloidal silver and after it dried applied cream so he was white. I could see his skin cure right there before my eyes.

I told myself, ‘I can already prevent his skin from getting worse so I shall put on my boxing gloves and go further with this battle.’ So I switched to a washing powder which  currently works, EASY-NON-BIO, from our local shop, chemist or even poundland and I started to add white vinegar to the washing instead of softeners.

Slowly, but surely I saw his skin recovering. But still, I was wondering why he always screamed in the bath? I used no washing products just a handful of oats put into a kitchen towel. As soon as he got in, he jumped out. Then I found this showerhead with micro-granules that soften the water (can be bought on www.wish.com). The water is as soft as raindrops now. He started to sit for at least half an hour in the bath!!! Ta Da I got it!! Water was soft, so he enjoyed his bath!

Skin allergies also come with food allergies so, after having a small list of products he could eat, we slowly introduced new food.

It took us 18 months to cure him, and today his skin is 99% cured. There are still some foods I must take care of.

With all of this going on, I started to study and research.

My house is now toxins free (well as much as I can). I clean with baking soda, glycerin and white vinegar. So now my kids help tidy up the house while doing no harm to themselves.

I have studied Naturopathy and an Holistic Health Practitioner course which is the study of herbs, essential oils, Gemmotherapy, exercises, how to keep the house free of toxins, meditation…to recap everything that is found in nature.

An example of a natural remedy I would provide for a client: if I client has joint pain, I would do a gel based on aloe vera with peppermint essential oil and advocate drinking pineapple juice and apple cider vinegar with lukeworm water (with a pinch of cinnamon, cayenne pepper and turmeric/curcuma added).

As we are all different I do an initial interview to get to know my client and their needs. I follow this by determining a list of remedies (all natural) to prepare and ask the client to apply them for a certain period e.g. 3-4 weeks. The client and I meet for a follow-up session to ascertain that the remedies are working efficiently.