Whatever happens, you will handle it!

Natasha McDowall
Written by Natasha McDowall

Who are you going to trust? Whatever happens, you will handle it! When going through tough times, it may be tempting to give up and doubt yourself. This is never the solution. What you need to do is learn to trust yourself and know that no matter what life brings your way, you will be able to handle it. Adopting this approach, you can work on moving forward and live a happier and better life.

Why trust yourself?

As a human, you will often make mistakes in your life and these can sometimes stick with you, leading to self-doubt in future decisions. Trusting yourself means that you know those past mistakes are just that, in the past. You are not planning on repeating them.

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The human mind is quite powerful, if you think something will happen, it probably will. Give yourself a good chance at solving the problems that may come up in your life by having confidence in your ability to work through them.

According to a 2019 article in Psychology today, “self-trust is not trusting yourself to know all the answers, nor is it believing that you will always do all the right things. It is having the conviction that you will be kind and respectful regardless of the outcome of your efforts.”

How do you trust yourself?

Of course, trusting yourself is easier said than done. According to Psychology Today, the best way to trust yourself is to start by relaxing and letting go of the small things that bother you in life. Instead, focus on the big picture and learn to treat yourself with kindness instead of resentment and anger. Next, you need to learn to see yourself clearly and learn to let go of the criticism by others. Do not internalise negative remarks made about you. The only opinion of you that matters, is the one you hold of yourself.

Letting go of criticisms

Work to let go of the criticism that you may be keeping tucked away in your mind. It can be helpful to remember that people are often critical of you when they are not happy with themselves or their own lives. Understanding this can free your mind from the weight of trying to figure out the reasons behind the behaviour of others. You will find it is much easier to let go of the things people have said about you and trust the positive evaluation you hold of yourself.

Know you can handle anything

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A major part of trusting yourself is having the self-confidence to know that you are in control. Fear of the unknown or the future will only breed more fear and make you ill-prepared for what is to come. Living in the present moment releases us from the failures of the past and the fears of the future.


If you struggle with your self-confidence, take a moment to look back at all you have accomplished. Do not give in to the limiting belief that you should not praise yourself for the things you have done right. It is far healthier to recognise your achievements than to be constantly self-critical because of mistakes you have made.


Develop a  positive affirmation for yourself. It can be a short positive sentence which inspires you. Whenever you are having trouble trusting yourself, repeat the affirmation to boost your confidence.

Personal power

Trusting in yourself means that you can look towards the future without fear. Just deciding this alone can help prepare you for anything life has to throw at you. It gives you “personal power”. Chances are, the next time you are faced with something difficult, you will be ready to meet the challenge. Belief in yourself may be all you need to conquer some of the challenges that will come your way in the future.


Overall, trusting yourself to do the right thing in every situation can be difficult, especially if you struggle with self-confidence. If you want to be successful in life, this trust is necessary, otherwise, you will just repeat the same mistakes.

Start trusting yourself  and your decisions a little bit more today, no matter what life throws your way.


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