What is Hypnosis and how does it work?

A neural network
Anne Ryan
Written by Anne Ryan

Hypnosis is a very effective therapeutic tool that can help us implement positive change in our lives in a very natural way by shifting our awareness from our normal conscious state such as when we focus our minds when reading a book or become engrossed in a movie.

Therapeutic Hypnosis is NOT like stage shows which we may have seen on TV as this is a misconception. You are not asleep, do not lose control and do not reveal your deepest secrets.

Our Mind and Hypnosis

Our mind is divided in two parts, our conscious mind and our subconscious mind. Our conscious mind is 10-15% of our mind and it is where we spend most of our time. It relates to our will power, rational and temporary memory. Have you ever noticed how you could have great will power for a short period of time to complete a goal or task and yet could not maintain the same enthusiasm consistently? This is because will-power cannot help us make the internal changes needed to complete our goals/tasks. Our subconscious mind is 85-90% of our mind which relates to our habits, feelings, emotions, beliefs, imagination and permanent memory and this is where we can make the positive changes necessary for us to achieve our goals, wishes and dreams. The beliefs we hold here are with us all the time and is indeed what we are reflecting out. Re-programming these negative patterns of behaviour within our mind is the aim of hypnosis. It is also where we can improve our confidence and self-esteem, decrease anxiety by renewing and taking back our control, weight loss, quit smoking and stress-management among others. When we positively change/improve our beliefs here, this is how we achieve the most impact in our lives.

During a Hypnosis session

During a Hypnosis session we are in a focused, altered state of consciousness which is a deep sense of relaxation not a deep sleep. We are awake, however we are extremely relaxed. We are still in control with our attention focused inward. Hypnosis is achieved by guided meditation to a deep sense of relaxation by listening to a set of gentle positive instructions.

Hypnosis can be very empowering for clients as they know they can recharge the power they have within to make positive changes and improve their lives, releasing the negative beliefs that once held them back in just a few sessions.

During an Hypnosis session a client will be guided through a relaxing meditation progressing to a safe deep sense of relaxation where they receive positive suggestions to activate their inner power, ability and capability within them to improve or change a belief they may have and allow them to feel how good those changes will be and the impact these changes can have on their life. Over the course of 4 sessions for example they will receive a recording of each hypnosis session to listen to everyday between sessions. For example, after session 1 they will receive the recording from that 1st session and listen to it for 1 week, they will then have their 2nd session and receive that recording to listen to each day up to session 3 and so on. They then have lifetime access to these recordings.

We are all unique and have different experiences in life however the habits/beliefs/conditioning we gather can be changed to bring positive benefits and healing to our lives.