The Power of Rapid Transformational Therapy

Joanne Kelly
Written by Joanne Kelly

Like anyone, when I heard the “hype” surrounding this new hybrid therapy modality that incorporated Hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP as well as talk therapy and other therapeutic influences, I was sceptical at best. The testimonials and in particular, the physical transformations I watched had me fascinated. Any therapy that can have somebody stand up from being being wheelchair-bound has my attention!

I dove in. I did as much research as I possibly could for almost 2 years, discovering that all the formats in this modality are based on cutting edge, science based, proven research.  I then enrolled onto the RTT course formulated by Marisa Peer and her 30 years of experience. At this point Marisa had used her method to radically help celebrities in the field of Sports, Commerce and Entertainment (to name a few), thousands of private clients and had won multiple world-renowned awards.

Marisa is now passionate about coaching her students this same method, giving them the tools and mindset to go forward and help people who are in pain, emotional OR physical, and equip patients with EMPOWERMENT, FORGIVENESS, CONFIDENCE, MOTIVATION, FEARLESSNESS and JOY. Literally setting them free.

Hypnosis and Repetition

The subconscious mind runs 95% of our body and mind functioning, and responds best to new positive suggestion through two formats, Hypnosis and Repetition

Ref. Dr Bruce Lipton PHD

RTT uses both of those formats.

The fundamental game changers of this therapy process, and the reason it works so quickly are:

  • Comprehensive study of the rules of the mind coupled with strategies to release trauma and negative habitual thought patterns
  • Along with release techniques and positive reinforcement to create new neuro pathways in the brain
  • Which can be cemented with a bespoke recording to listen to over a set period of time


As an RTT therapist trained by Marisa with the “Marisa Peer Method” I have seen results that have revolutionised my own life by just being witness to the huge transformations of my own clients.  I have personally now seen more patients than I can count, and because the strategy is so comprehensive, so thorough, and so positively reinforcing, the success rate is huge.

I have personally treated clients for Alcoholism, Depression, Lack of confidence, Smoking, Dermatitis, IBS, Insomnia, and lots more. The clients treated for those issues listed reported huge transformation, and I have never yet had to treat a client more than once for the same issue. I do, however, have repeat clients who come in to address a different concern. Indeed I have one client who has seen me four times now, initially for confidence, then fear of public speaking, procrastination and eczema.