Stop letting fear hold you back!

Written by Rebecca@Ffidence

So many people are held back by fear of embarrassing themselves and making a mistake. This fear can be even more extreme for people impacted by anxiety, ADHD, and even low self-esteem.

It is widespread but does it have to be this way?

This fear leads to anxiety and a lack of self-confidence in ourselves and our skills. It is preventing millions from achieving their true potential and empowerment.

So, what can you do to stop fear preventing you from getting out of your comfort zone?

Stopping fear is like halting the tide. It is constantly moving and can be calmer or more ferocious. Fear ebbs and flows, but there are techniques you can use to calm the storm and make the sea more guided and safer to tread.

1. Create action but only go 4% out of your comfort zone at a time.

This is key for building confidence and reducing fear by making small changes and growth every time you do something new. The best thing about only doing an extra 4% is how manageable it becomes. By the 3rd week your mind is more likely to look forward to this challenge you set yourself.

Techniques like these work for so many aspects of fear and help you to build your confidence with small and steady steps.

2. Journal your achievements

If you are the type of person who doesn’t accept praise, then journaling your achievements can help you see your world from a different perspective. It provides your mind the proof of what you have overcome and achieved in a day. Start discovering what you are truly capable of and write away everything you have achieved today.

Photo by Tracy Adams on Unsplash

3. Change your views on fear

Easier said than done, right? But changing how you describe that feeling you get in your body when you believe you are scared can change your whole perspective on a situation. So instead of that pit of dread in your stomach when you need to speak in front of a group of people, see it as excitement, excitement like a surfer’s excitement when they see the biggest wave they can ride.

Changing what that feeling means to us sends a message to our brain that it is something to look forward to. If you can trick your brain to love that Monday morning meeting, wouldn’t that be a gift!

Change your views of what the energy in your body is there for. Every ounce of energy in your body can be used for good, to help you show your enthusiasm and to improve your performance.

4. Go back to WHY

If you have a deep-rooted fear that you feel you have tried every trick in the book to overcome, there could be something deeper stopping you from getting past it. Whether it is fear of making a change in your life or having a voice, there is some more work you can do on this.

Join my clients who have uncovered why they are being held back by fear and stuck in a loop of something they want to change. Rapid Transformational Therapy can uncover the WHY and help you see how it is no longer needed in your life. For more information, go to my website and book a free discovery call to discover more about how it works and how it could change your life.

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