Space Clearing

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How to Space Clear your Home

To space clear your home you can conduct any of the following:

1. You can smudge with sage, incense of choice.

 2. Burning of Essential oils such as Lemongrass. You may also find that  Eucalyptus in water can be quite effective when sprayed in a specific area.

3. The burning of Frankincense & Myrrh is an excellent space clearing method.

4. Using Sound to clear is excellent, particularly with Tuning Forks. Tuning Forks are tuned to a variety of frequencies, and you may find the Om Tuning Fork which vibrates at 136.10 hz is enough to Space Clear your entire home. To do this, stand at one end of the chosen room and after activating the Fork, spin the Fork anticlockwise to remove energy and clockwise to return and restore Light into your home. You will notice a distinct difference. Before starting with the Tuning Forks, be sure you are rooted and grounded in Mother Earth. 

5. You can chant specific frequencies to Space Clear including your Aura. 

6. The Application of Tingsha Tibetan bell chimes are commonly used, remember to start with the four corners of each room.

7. Another option is the use of singing bowls. The sound from the bowls will break up and dissipate the energy, leaving the space free of toxic etheric vibrations.

To conclude, we Space Clear because of the unseen sea of energy that is in and all around us. Our thoughts are unseen energy; however they can be felt and can affect us all depending on the frequency of the thought pattern. The unseen energy or vibrations around us affect our Auric field which is electromagnetic. Left uncleared, toxic energy in our Aura and personal space can build up affecting our physical bodies resulting in traumatic experiences.

To space clear we must start with ourselves, our Auric Field, then apply the tools and methods referred to above to private and personal spaces. We will notice a distinct difference when any of our clearing exercises have been completed.

Main photo by Ginny Rose Stewart on Unsplash

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