Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy

The Instruments

When l take a group for Sound Therapy l use quite an array of Sound equipment: a 24 inch Chau gong along with a 22 inch Wind gong – two very different sounding Gongs which complement each other greatly. The Gong is the oldest instrument used for Sound Therapy and dates back to the Bronze-Age, around 3,500BC.

Alongside the gongs l use an array of crystal bowls, all attuned to different notes to resonate with the body’s main Chakras.

I also use a Tuna Waterphone which has an amazing sound and is often used in films for sound effects. l play this with hard and soft mallets and also a violin bow.

To add to the ensemble I also use Tibetan bowls and bell, a 24 Bar wind chime, flute, 32 string auto harp, Remo and Djembe Drums and Tuning forks.

As you imagine quite an array of different sounds and frequencies are given off.

Beginning a Session

I begin a session with the Remo Drum at around 125 to 150 beats per minute as a Shaman would to begin the journey and to take our mind from Beta to Delta state by the end of the 50 minute session with the use of all the equipment.

A good Sound Therapist, as the session progresses, will attach themselves to the energy being given off by the sound and the group and will intuitively know what sound or instruments to play next.

How sound Therapy works

So let’s look at “How Sound Therapy Works”. As we know sound therapy is an Holistic Therapy Art which focuses on Energy Healing because Energy is the life force of everything. The benefits of Sound Therapy are many, such as physical and emotional healing, restored energy, improved circulation, improved self esteem, improved sleep and relaxation, and improved focus and productivity.

Energy is a natural vibrating substance and therefore vibration is linked with sound, even if we cannot hear, see or feel it, it is all around us. A good Sound Therapist, when giving a treatment to a client or group, would look to create a healing resonance to be in tune with the natural vibration of the client or group being treated.

We know the human ear is incapable of hearing all the sounds we live with daily. We therefore have to remember that our energy is affected by not only the sounds we hear but also by the sounds we do not hear; so we can understand, let’s say, the power sound has on each and every one of us.

The Effect of Sound on the body

Let’s take a  look at the effect the Gong alone has on the body – the deepness of its sound and its incredible vibration allows it to penetrative all areas of the body and can be used to great effect for treating depression, negative thinking patterns and hence will heal a person physically, spiritually, and energetically. The vibrations from the Gong takes a direct route to the associated energy within us and will bypass the mind completely

The sound from the Gong is only one of many sounds given off in a session so you can just sense how magical and healing a full session is when receiving all the other sounds and vibrations. This is why l have a big passion for Sound Therapy and its healing properties.