Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

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Healing Progression

Going back to my client. Dave was continuing to shake from his neck, down the arms and even his legs. As the healing was still progressing and I could see that they were doing a great job I decided to ask them his questions.

“What are you doing right now?” I asked.
“Rewiring the neurons in his brain.” They said.
“Ok, why do you have to do that?” I asked. “Surely it’s the vertebrae you would be working on?”
“No. It’s not the vertebrae that’s the problem. It’s the messages from the brain, they’re not connecting with his hands and feet. This is what is causing the pain in the neck, hands and down to the feet. We are reconnecting the messaging system for him now”. They replied.

“But the surgeons said it was something else” I said in shock.
“The surgeons are wrong” They replied. “Oh, and the knee is fixed. It won’t bother him again. He won’t need surgery now”.

I brought the client round once I was assured the healing was completed. There was one more thing they said that startled me. It was.
” You know he would be dead without this session don’t you”.
“What do you mean” I asked.
“It was the medications he was on. They were killing the liver. He won’t need them now. He is healed”.

When he came around Dave felt overjoyed.Even more strangely he said he could remember nothing except “See a red bird” (This is the very first line of the induction).

So, it seems to me that the Higher Self or the Subconcious or the force which created us feels the need to almost knock some clients out! Whilst most of them feel so very conscious and totally relaxed all at the same time.

Dave tried to orientate himself but his legs felt a bit like “Jelly”. This experience is very new for most people and they just don’t realise how deep the therapy was. He was then exclaiming “They fixed everything! They fixed everything! ” Dave started to jump around, twisting, and circling his neck. And he had no more pain in his knee.

This force loves us and wants the very best for us in life. We don’t need to ever get sick. It’s just getting an understanding of the issues that we are experiencing and much like a letter being delivered, the pain is a literal message to us. I wish there was an easier, less painful for way for them to deliver the message, but, it certainly gets our attention!

What was the message that was being delivered to Dave? Well, I believe (and they told him this in our session together, I record everything and give it to the client) that the message was that he is loved, cared for and that the medical establishment may not always be right. We are self-healing. We need to trust ourselves and there is a force that is almost separate to us and yet an integral part of us at the same time, that is forever looking out for us.

There are many more examples of these perceived “miracles” that I could write about however having seen it with my own eyes, I can tell you right now “I am a believer”.

I hope you enjoyed my story of how things began for me and also for my clients. I want you to know that there are NO coincidences in life only events unfolding as they should. They will put the right people in your life at the right time. The right information right in front of you at the right time. We only need to ask. We are never alone. They cannot interfere, as we have free will but when you do ask them, you better be ready for the ride of your life!

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