Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

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Dave’s Healing Session

The client called Dave (not his real name) had told me in the interview that he’d broken his neck in a head on car collision and the surgeons told him he had broken some vertebrae in his back. He was lucky he didn’t end up in a wheelchair for life. He also told me he was on the waiting list for knee surgery “But don’t worry about that” he said “You won’t be able to fix that, it’s impossible, the surgeons told me”.

Now, anyone that knows me knows my trigger words are “That’s impossible”. How do we know what’s possible and what’s not? What exactly are our limitations as human beings. We all know the 4-minute mile was “Impossible” until it was broken by Roger Bannister in 1954.

I invited Dave to lie down comfortably and this is where the “magic” happened. Dave changed jobs after a lengthy career in the police. He had become a car mechanic with a voracious appetite for any sorts of cars, but race cars in particular. However, in this regression he appeared to be in a parallel life. We knew that because he saw himself in his present life. The difference was that his girlfriend and best friends were there with him at a car show. He told me this was strange as none of them share his passion for cars and also the cars were classic (not the normal type he’d be interested in).

“Oooooooh” he said ” Look at that one! Can you see that one?” he asked me.
“Yes, lovely aren’t they. What colour do you like best?” I asked in response.
“I like the blue one” he replied.

Getting the client to focus on colours, textures and smells takes them further and deeper into the trance, so we encourage them to look around and use their senses to their full ability.

This went on for a while until Dave seemed to see angelic beings. They took his hand and gently motioned him to a beautiful place of light. It was the Temple Of Healing.

Clients have reported seeing the same place in several sessions. Then something strange happened. Dave started to shake uncontrollably. (This is the main reason the session is performed lying down as opposed to sitting in a chair. The client’s safety is paramount).

I became very concerned at this point and asked “Is everything ok ?” I always remain calm and in control, but I have to make sure the client is looked after.

“Yes, leave him. He’s fine. We’re working on him” Dave said. But the voice sounded a little different, more authoritative, more in control of the situation.

The Higher Self

You see, when the client’s Higher Self or ” Subconscious” takes over and starts to work on healing the client, I can always tell.

“They” are emotion-less, appearing somewhat colder than us and are very direct and “very literal”. This is why as the practitioner the client’s questions should always be fully understood as I need to get to the point. Otherwise, the consciousness that we are dealing with will not give the appropriate answers we may be seeking.

They know us. They know our every thought and more importantly, they know our intentions. This is why this consciousness will not always work with just any practitioner. Perhaps they don’t trust the practitioner’s intentions.

I have never been refused access to “Them” and I’m very grateful that lately “They” are telling the clients that are “under” that I am trustworthy and doing a good job.

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