Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

The Past Life Regression method developed by Dolores Cannon

About six years ago I came across the work of Dolores Cannon about Past Life Regression and had the privilege of having her as a teacher. Dolores had created a way to let others experience the journey back to Source. She connected clients with their Higher Self and guided them to travel through the memories of the soul, exploring many incarnations. If there was a way to show people how unlimited the soul is, I would definitely want to help others experience this. During the sessions I conducted I got to witness the most amazing journeys.

Here is one of these wonderful experiences that I am able to share with permission;

Valerie saw herself sitting on a  wall. Her face was that of a young boy,no older than 5 years. His head was bold. His legs were crossed and he wore an orange loin cloth. He was looking out over a desert like landscape. The wall was meant to prevent visitors from visiting the temple without permission. Suddenly his face turned into a giant smile. Two horses were entering with two buddhist monks, carrying bags with food. The boy ran to the oldest of the two men and started to touch his cloth and helping him get off the horse. The two men and the boy went into the temple and Valerie could see how the two men were Llama’s who taught the little boy how to pray, to read, write and how to meditate. The boy grew up and became a teacher of the buddhist teaching. Every scene she witnessed there was laughter, joy and joking around. Not the kind of attitude we would expect of a monk, but they were living a very happy life.

After visiting several lives we connected with the Higher Self and asked why the life as a buddhist boy was shown to her. The higher self answered that this was a message for her to meditate more and remember that she has all the knowledge she needs to continue on her present journey. It was also a reminder that she needed to retrieve her sense of humour and not to take life too seriously. For Valerie this message helped her a lot in making new choices in her busy life. Six months later she wrote to me that she had found a deeper sense of peace after the session and started doing yoga and meditation.

This is one example how recalling past life experiences can heal present life obstacles. We bring in the high vibrational consciousness to lift up our energy and awareness. Most of all it helps us to let go of old conditioning and expand our sense of Self. We are so much more then the personality we grow up to be and project into the world. We are so much more than our physical body or our brains.

Energetic Beings

We are Energetic beings, infinite souls who incarnate on this planet that is a wonderful place, even with all its tragedies going on. When we are able to look at our soul as the driver, and the body as a vehicle we can  easily shift our awareness and disconnect from the drama or hardship we may experience in everyday life. We all have our unique stories of love and being hurt, of health and being wounded, being rejected and being accepted.  When we no longer identify with our story but identify with our soul, we  have the chance to get an overview of why things are happening and how we can use our experiences to raise our awareness, to raise our frequency and find fullfillment. By connecting with our Source Consciousness we can liberate ourselves .

This is what happens during a QHHT session, where we visit past lives and connect with that Source Consciousness we can call Higher Self or Over Soul. Within this state I ask the questions that have been discussed during the pretalk. Now the client can find answers from a Higher Self perspective. Although this communication is very healing, most of the healing takes place on an energetic level. The healing goes beyond the stories of past, present and future.

This, for me, is the essence of healing. Whenever we are looking to find the answers outside ourself we may get dissappointed or even disconnected from our own inner wisdom. When we learn to communicate with our Higher Self we may find all the answers to our questions because that part of us has the overview on all our experiences, memories and incarnations.

As we are connected with the pure energy of our Source Consciousness it is this same frequency that can bring healing to our body.

Every session is a unique journey through time and through the multiple layers of our being. I feel so privileged each time to witness the wonder that happens in each session. Sometimes in its very simplicity and sometimes most convoluted.

Some people find lives where they were work the fields and live simple yet happy lives, some experience lives as an animal, or living on other planets. Some experience lives of luxury, some experience poverty. We always get to see what we need now to live a life of fulfillment, to grow and gain consciousness. Some experience instant healing, like the lady who had suffered from eczema all her life and it was gone within a few days after the session. It also happens that the client receives insights that will speed up the healing process. Some need to experience the love of God or the love of their deceased relatives. Some find acknowledgement or recognition, some find faith or hope. No matter what a person will experience, they all walk out the door feeling acknowledged, loved and accepted, as this is the fundamental energy I wish to share with my clients.