Prananadi Reincarnation

When we heal someone with Prananadi, we release the energy blocks causing the illness with the energy flowing through us or sent remotely by us. These blocks contain the history of the root of illness or mental problem. These blocks release more or less while being healed. However, in the case of more serious illnesses, it can happen that in the beginning, the state of the patient improves while being healed, but then the recovery rate stops and the state stagnates. When this happens the awareness level of the patient needs to be raised and the source of the illness needs to be looked at so the mind can help with the process of self-healing. This is when the Masters say, ’You should travel on this.’

The two participants of the traveling are the traveller who seeks to find the source of his/ her problems and the guide who aids the traveller to return to the roots of their issue by applying the technique. The sources of our illnesses and mental problems can be traced back to previous stages of our present life until the moment of our birth or can be found in one of our past lives. The patient finds him/herself in an energetically supported, changed state of mind, capable of remembering anything that happened in the relevant life. One can only travel into a life or event that one is ready to work through mentally. The task of the guide is to aid the traveller during the traveling and to convince the traveller to enter the unresolved and often painful events of the past or present life, finally releasing the pain and suffering by doing so. By reviewing a painful event as it was, it won’t have any effect on us anymore, as we already know all about it. The release of blocks during traveling is often accompanied by crying, laughter, etc. The traveller experiences the cycles of birth and death, and the after-death state of living-on with full consciousness within a fine energy body containing all past life memories, including mental traumas.

The traveller can also review unchanged decisions from many centuries, even millennia ago that still affect his/her present life. One can also identify the participants of the traveling both in the travelled and present life so that one can have a better understanding of the karmic relationships with others. It is also essential to practice forgiveness for others and ourselves at the end of the traveling as feelings of both vengeance and guilt just keep us tied up in the karmic cycle. So the importance of the Reincarnation Technique/past life traveling is not to just look back into the past life but also to reflect upon the present by working through our past life issues.  Opposing the attitude of Western culture towards death, people living in the Tibetan culture understand that death lived through consciously (i.e. during the traveling) helps the recovery of the soul and its journey significantly. You can learn more about this topic by reading the book by Sogyal Rinpoche: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.

During the Prananadi Reincarnation Technique, the participants are under special protection. They are absolutely safe during the session. Under hypnosis, there is no proper protection. The Prananadi Reincarnation technique only allows the participants to see the information they can process on their current emotional and mental state. This is the essential advantage Prananadi has over other similar techniques. There are 5 levels existing in Prananadi Reincarnation and the higher level the guide has the more picture and information comes up during the traveling session. In Hungary, the Pranandai Reincarnation was found the most effective among the other traveling techniques. It can be applied in the case of any kind of problem, for instance, relationship problems, conflicts, financial difficulties, to detect the cause of cancerous disease, etc. The Prananadi Reincarnation technique cannot be done on a patient suffering from depression or panic disorder!