Other people’s opinions and you


In this modern day and age, it is so easy for people to give their opinions, whether this is face to face or online. And these opinions often impact mood and how people feel about themselves based on what’s been said. This can be either positive or negative comments, so what can be done when it starts impacting how you are feeling?

If you have suffered from negative opinions from others here are some powerful ways to block your mind from letting it in.

Step 1: Tell your mind you are not going to let it in

Marisa Peer has taught me one great sentence to say when people are saying anything negative. Start saying to yourself ‘I am not going to let that in’. So, no matter what is being said you can instruct your mind what you are or are not going to let in.

When I do this, I like to say it out loud to reinforce it to my mind even more because spoken words become physical words. Be mindful if you are in front of the person who is giving their negative opinion, but if it is safe and appropriate to do so you could add on some even more powerful words.

The next phrase Marisa uses is ‘thank you for your opinion’.

By mixing these two sentences together it can make a powerful ending to a conversation when someone has been bullying or criticising you in a casual setting.

For example, ‘thank you for sharing your opinion, but I don’t agree with that so I’m not letting that in’.

Step 2: Remember your mind listens to you.

Another powerful thing to remember is your mind is listening to you. It is listening to your thoughts and when you are repeating what has been said to you when you think it over. One thing I have noticed is when repeating conversations in my head it is often in my own voice.

Your own voice is the most powerful voice and because you are the one repeating it, your mind starts to believe that it’s true.

Break this loop by telling yourself what you are or want to hear. Reinforce your own words in your mind instead of what you have just heard or read.

By using these tips, it can allow you to stop letting others bring you down and start empowering yourself by telling your mind positive and encouraging words. To go even deeper into your mind’s beliefs and why you are affected by people’s opinions, book a free discovery call with me. In a session we can work on breaking the limiting beliefs you have and start allowing you to feel the way you want with an empowered mindset.  

So, no matter if you are trying to change your life but other people don’t agree or are being criticised on social media remember; ‘I am not letting that in’ and tell your mind what you know is true ‘You are enough’.