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Brilliant resource for all things mental health, personal stories, hot topics, top tips, support lines and so much more.

Action for Happiness

Helping people take action for happier and kinder world for themselves and those around them. Numerous free programs, downloads and shareables. Aimed at everyone.

mental health foundation

Mental Health Foundation

Committed to Good mental health for all. Up to date research, a blog aimed at both the general public and the professional. A section all about your mental health where you can dive into the A to Z of all things mental health to listening to a podcast to personal stories.

Rethink Mental Illness

Improving the lives of people severely affected by mental illness through a network of groups and services, information, and campaigning. Find Help in your local area, be it mental health services, support groups or peer support online. Advice about mental health conditions and symptoms and living with a mental illness.

Men’s Minds Matter

A non-profit organisation dedicated to the prevention of male suicide by building psychological resilience and emotional strength.


Whatever you are going through a Samaritan will face it with you. Someone is always there, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


A platform where you can create your own ambient sounds or listen to predetermined playlists. Available free or upgrade for access to more playlists. If you like ambient sound this is a great one for you.

My Therappy

NHS reviews for apps for recovery and rehabilitation so that you can find an app that will help and support you.

Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters helps people achieve good mental and physical wellbeing enabling them to live life to the full

Time to Change

Campaigning to change the way people think and act about mental health problems. Advice, quizzes, tips, and videos. Resources for you, schools, and the workplace.

NHS One You

An NHS website offering resources, tips, quizzes, apps, recipes and articles to help you support your mental and physical health.

Head Talks

A website to inform, inspire and engage those interested in mental health and wellbeing. Contains free course, podcasts, videos, blog and much more.

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