Lights, Camera, Action!

Clapboard for Movie
Aleksandra Susidko
Written by Aleksandra Susidko

Time for the movie of your life.

Make it memorable

What makes a movie great? I’m sure that no matter what your favourite genre is, you have in mind a movie with a good story that really moved you. It will go something like this: the brave protagonist goes on an adventure where he faces many great challenges and becomes a hero or at least a changed, accomplished man.

No one is even remotely interested in watching a non-interesting, idyllic story where the main character goes through his life plain sailing. It’s his reaction to the hardships and unexpected situations that earn our interest and admiration. It’s his actions and attitude towards what happens in his story that gain him our respect.

Let’s try to incorporate this perspective into your life. Can you see yourself as the main lead of your very own movie? Can you remember that no matter what, the camera is always on you, and it is you who is the priority? Through the good times and tough times, it is still all about you and who you want to be, and the direction you want to take.

Taking this approach, in which you are seen, and you truly matter, can help you to work out better strategies to cope with whatever life brings and still feel in control of your own thoughts and feelings.

Stepping into the position of the Director

If the perspective of being the main Actor of your own life makes you feel good already, this one will blow your mind. You are also the Director of your own movie, and you can write yourself a unique narration that suits your dreams and wishes. Isn’t that wonderful?

Planning and setting your goals from the perspective of the Director of your own life can help you to distance yourself from your fears and blocks. Think of it in this way, when the Director has the vision, he wouldn’t limit himself to the abilities of the Actor. That pushes the Actor out of his comfort zone to learn new skills and expands his potential. The Actor’s limitations become more visible and therefore easier to tackle. We can fix issues only if we are aware of them. Being the Main Lead and at the same time, the Director of your own movie gives you an opportunity to create a dialogue. You can find a compromise between the Director’s creative vision and the Actor’s abilities. That will make you act in the most appropriate way for yourself, which will not overwhelm you but also not leave you passive and disappointed with yourself.

Often we take challenges personally and let them rule us or perhaps even break us. Remember that you are not only always in the spotlight nor always in control, and it’s absolutely ok to shout at the top of your lungs “CUT!” to take a moment to see what is really going on and how you can be supported. Life is happening for you and not to you.

Set, costumes, light, other characters… make it all yours one step at the time

What is it that you really want? Which elements of your current life require resetting? Take a piece of paper and write it down. Don’t overburden your head, let the action of writing free you and make you see what weighs you down.

Be kind to yourself and keep in mind that the movie of your life is an ongoing and ever-changing project. Do not label yourself. Keep this mindset of being a creatively free Director and fully capable Actor. You can be whoever you want to be, and you were given your life to use your unique gifts and talents in your own way. At any point of it. Think of your every breath as a clean slate. As long as you are breathing it’s never too late.

Ask yourself what strongly inspires you in movies, novels, lives of others, and see how you can incorporate those into your own story. Is it creating valuable relationships and feeling nourished that you wish for yourself? Is it acquiring new skills and using them in a fantastic way that excites you? Are you longing for retreat and quiet so you can recharge? Or it could be reclaiming your body and making sure it turns into that perfect vehicle to carry you through your life to the best of its abilities?

Prioritise what is most important for you. Plan your steps and take action.

Being a one-man show can be tough!

We are emotional creatures, and feelings are much stronger than logic. Sometimes it can be really difficult to not get carried away and to remember your own creative powers and abilities. Don’t worry! Even big heroes in your favorite novels or movies have friends when in need and lucky coincidences on their side to remind them that they are the chosen ones. You do not have to do it all on your own.

If you are feeling like you are stuck in a particular area of your life, maybe it’s time to look for help on how to connect to yourself and reclaim your power back. Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) uses hypnotherapy and elements of healing, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP), and psychotherapy to help you get the results you wish for by understanding and treating the cause of the issue, rather than tackling its symptoms only.

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Main Photo by GR Stocks on Unsplash