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Kasandra Benedetti
Written by Kasandra Benedetti

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kasandra Benedetti and I’m a Certified RTT Hypnotherapist & Mindset Accountability Coach for confidence, success and happiness.

I specialise in helping people who have trouble discovering their true potential through lack of confidence and self-belief. By detecting and shifting any outdated, limiting beliefs or blocking thoughts, and elevating trust in yourself we can discover the missing components and re-attach the emotional connection, and high frequency of happiness and purpose within. And all done without the need of spending year’s going to therapy. Yes, you have read that correctly.

I’d like to tell you how I discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy and about the effects this method had on me. I’d like to talk about the state of mind I was in before and after RTT and how this therapy taught me how to fill in the black hole I felt in me. I am sure it can do the same for so many of you.

10 years ago, I couldn’t even dream that I would be helping people and doing this wonderful work.

So, many years ago, I started a crazy journey, a journey with so many different experiences. Childhood traumas that shaped my early childhood made me into a person I was not proud of, a person who forgot how to be happy. My soul was screaming for help.

And it’s so true.  I was so disconnected from myself that I had developed chronic self-doubt, low self-confidence, feelings of unworthiness, a harsh inner-voice, negative self-image, a pattern of dysfunctional relationships, lack of purpose in life. This was ultimately leading to the path of coming back to myself to self-connection, self-discovery…

What I did was change my inner story

In RTT we are changing the out-dated story and creating a different story, a better story to increase your positive inner dialogue. Your mind is a powerful tool, and it acts on commands and instructions. Words you say create the feelings and those feelings create events and actions in your life.

And just to mention, I wouldn’t change anything today. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. My soul is in peace with my past because I was willing to show up for myself and do the work. Most of the time we regret what we haven’t done or what we did wrong in the past, but today I have realised that it was a necessary path of self-discovery and success for me and I am still on that journey.

Our feelings are in the present moment even if something you regret happened in the past. If you find yourself reading this, connecting to the story and feeling similar, I can tell you that all these feelings you are experiencing are happening right NOW and they are holding you locked in place if you don’t allow them to be expressed. Your feelings are a real thing, it’s the most real thing you have in your life. It may sound daunting but the way to be FREE is by going INWARDS, discovering yourself and doing the work. Sometimes, by looking at past experiences, understanding them and clearing your story with yourself or maybe with others will set you free. This is how RTT works. It’s magical and it’s beautiful.

Plus, you don’t have to spend years talking about your feelings or trying to discover what your problem is, sometimes some issues can be resolved just in one powerful session.

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a pioneering solution-oriented hypnotherapeutic method invented by Marisa Peer. It’s an intelligent layering of Neuroscience, Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, designed to deliver rapid and permanent changes into the lives of everyone struggling with emotional and physical pain.

What we do in RTT is address all the unwanted issues or behaviours that pull you down, so that you can to start to move forward and live the life that you want and deserve. We are upgrading your beliefs at the subconscious level so that you can easily embrace a new habit and belief that will work in your favour. The belief that is keeping you stuck, that same belief that was keeping me stuck, originates from your conscious mind which is incessantly thinking and spinning thoughts. That’s your thinking mind. But there’s another part of you, your subconscious, that’s driving so much of your behaviour while also eluding your awareness. That’s why most of the time going through our lives we have these experiences of stopping and starting and stopping and just feeling stuck sometimes.

What RTT does is create harmony between your conscious and subconscious mind. The result will be the harmonious flow between what you want and what you truly desire.

Going through my own life I have felt stuck so many times. I have struggled the most with self-love and self-acceptance.  I was so lost as a child and then as an adult. I just wanted to be seen and loved. I was seeking to be rescued, screaming inside for help but I was shutting that inner voice down every time I would hear it. But I didn’t know then what I know now, and I didn’t know how to work with my emotions. What I was doing actually was ignoring and shutting myself down.

You see healing comes through recognising our feelings, they are part of us. If we ignore them, we are ignoring ourselves. What you resist multiples. I spent most of my life trying to fix myself, not accepting that I have pain and that I need to face it and not to run from it. Through my journey, I have discovered so many wonderful practices that gave me powerful tools to work with and along the way I found the phenomenal Marissa Peer and Rapid Transformational Therapy. I decided to try it and then learn it, initially with the mission to help myself but I was so inspired with  how much this method helped me to transform my life, that I decided to help as many people as I could. I came to the realisation that every Change starts inside so you can glow on the outside. I have witnessed miracles that literally happened in front of my eyes when people realised what was holding them back and that they don’t have to suffer any more. It is the most rewarding thing to experience and I am so grateful for that.       

The first thing that has to change is your story. Your inner dialogue needs to change by increasing your awareness of your inner self-talk.

Rapid Transformational Therapy taught me how to shift my centre from the world outside me to the world inside me. How to live such a life where my every act is in the service of my own path, and my path is in the service of the whole world. 

Through RTT, I not only realised that I can be rooted in myself, but I also have the know-how for maintaining and nurturing that inner balance in daily life. A method that I keep coming back to whenever things get overwhelming.

Ultimately, RTT allows you to really see your shackles and sets you on a journey to discovering the keys you had within yourself the whole time.

And oh…. the change that happens once you unlock them😊

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