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I decided to look at yoga and meditation in different way and use it as a tool to learn my body and mind connection and control my thoughts and reactions. Over the next few months I spent time learning different teaching styles and attending classes like meditation. I noticed how it had a profound effect on how I felt mentally, not just my stress and anxiety levels, but the way I looked at life and death. When I passed my teacher training in 2019 I taught my first free class in a community centre in Kensington and loved it. I felt like this was one job I could do because I loved it and the people who needed Yoga the most were often the people in the lower income areas.

I have gone around different free events in Liverpool teaching yoga to people who might not step in to a sports hall or a yoga studio. I’ve been to community halls in the Wirral, Kensington, taught free classes in parks. I now teach in Vauxhall medical centre for free to patients that are referred, John Williams is the wellbeing link worker for central Liverpool and we were put in touch by Ruth Worthington who works for a charity Live Well Liverpool who had been to one of my free events.

Basically Yoga has taken over my life, there is a yoga mat on the floor of the living room that’s used daily and I spend most of my time on it practicing Yoga meditation or reading about yoga and how this simple practice can have extraordinary results on your mind and body. It’s a practice that has taught me who I am, stopped me for letting worry and stress take over my thoughts , taken me from a glass half empty to glass half full and has made me more curious about it than anything else I have ever known.

The thing for me now is to share the simple practice of breathing a little bit deeper and becoming aware of your body and the subtle movements as you make them. To become aware of your own thoughts exactly as you create them in your mind and then learn how to let them go, and teach you how to stop becoming consumed by them.

About the author

Georgina Taylor

Georgina Taylor

I’m Georgina, my dog’s name is Roxy. We’re 2 Liverpool girls who love to walk in the park and go on country holidays.
When I can I like to get on an aeroplane and visit different countries around the world, I always take my travel yoga mat with me.
Not quite sure how my dog stole the lime light (and her name is the business) but people now call me Roxy.
My class on Wednesday evening is in Wavertree Assess Education Building at 7pm and at Vauxhall Medical Centre at 9am on Friday’s ( patients) only
I do lots of other classes and use what ever space I can all over Liverpool with no fixed time table but I advertise events on social media.
Most of my events are completely free in parks halls and NHS centers.

Contact Details:
Instagram: @Roxy.Yoga
Facebook: @roxyyoga80
Mobile: 07791708994