Life Coach

I always make it clear to my clients that I am a Life Coach and not  a counsellor nor therapist and that they may have to change deeply held beliefs and values to progress in life. But they can be assured that they can choose change and that change is possible.

For example a client may be missing promotion at work, I would advise confidence building and visualisation and we would possibly use role play to bring about change in that persons work life.

Also in a client’s personal life they may experience relationship breakdown, as a Life Coach, we would look at historical events leading up to the difficulties and find solutions for change.

A life coach is an, “agent of change,” and can help you to make changes in your personal or professional life that you have been unable to make on your own.

The aspects of a Life Coach are:

  1. someone to befriend you.
  2.  someone you can confide in.
  3. Someone to guide and advise you.
  4. The Life Coach can support the client in decision making.
  5.  I am an “agent of Change,” realistically helping the client to achieve their aims, goals and dreams.
  6. Use of Role models are an excellent aspect to Life Coaching.

Equally the benefits of a Life Coach are vast:

  1. Getting alongside and supporting the client for the duration of the six week course.
  2. As a Christian Life Coach prayer for the client and their situation.
  3. Giving the client confidence to make changes.
  4. Providing hard copies of reports and for client to keep.
  5. Complete Confidentiality.
  6. Also use of role play to bring about change.