In the Heavenly Spotlight: Archangel Raphael

Nina Sell
Written by Nina Sell

Raphael (whose name means “God has healed” or “God heals”) is one of my personal favourite Angels. Having chosen a vocation in healing myself he is one of the Archangels who is always with me. As the Archangel of Healing, he is part of every healing session that I actively engage in, whether it is healing professionally, or offering healing to a friend, a loved one, a family member, a pet or an animal, he is always present, via the Divine Healing Energy. Keywords associated with Raphael are: Healing, Health, Wellness. His healing colours are Emerald Green & Gold.

My personal healing experiences with Raphael have been profound and very successful. With the help of Raphael I have been able to rid myself of headaches, muscular as well as nerve pain, also known as fibromyalgia, to calming and balancing my emotions. His energy field is tremendously soothing, nurturing, healing and uplifting. I perceive him as incredibly sweet and good natured with a jolly warm smile on his face. I can feel his healing energy instantaneously either as a warm layer of gold, as if being wrapped in a golden blanket, or as emerald green rays of healing filled with super positive and uplifting healing energies.

Ask to be enveloped in Raphael’s energy if:

  • You require physical, mental or emotional healing throughout the day (imagine a beautiful bubble of either emerald green or gold all around you and know that Raphael is with you, ministering divine healing energy onto you);

You can also ask Raphael to:

  • guide you with regard to diet and nutrition, living a healthier lifestyle;
  • guide you to the right therapist, healer, GP;
  • support and oversee your healing work if you are working within the healing profession;
  • come to people/situations that require healing instantaneously (you can do this under the Law of Divine Grace);

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