How to Clean up Your Mental Mess with Body and Mind Training?

Asana’s Practice

Just as meditation is training for the human psyche, asanas are training for the body. Because as we already know, whether in a preventative situation or when stress appears, fighting or preventing it has to be done on the level of both psyche and body. It is necessary to heal both the soul and the body. Yoga plays such an important role here because it is one of the few approaches to man as a whole. In my repertoire, I propose both exercises for the mind and the human body. There is a certain harmony between the state of mind and body condition. Yoga recommends devoting oneself to the training of body and spirit and only then the individual will achieve a state of internal balance, which will help to achieve peace and longevity. 

How do asanas affect our bodies? 

  • strengthen and protect the body from disease and achieve and maintain psycho-physical harmony 
  • shaping the body, making it limber and muscular – for the practice to be beneficial, attention should be paid to the appropriate stretching of the body (passive stretching) during exercise, which should be maintained for a certain amount of time. Movements should be slow and deliberate, and muscle tension should be reduced as much as possible 
  • muscle tension reduction, which helps to fight stress – Relaxed muscles give a feeling of peace, relaxation, have a calming effect on human emotions – minimising the phenomenon of stress. 
  • Internal organ massage, which is performed during asana practice, stimulates the autonomic system, which in turn significantly reduces any tension in the organs 
  • performing asanas relaxes our muscles and nerves

Asanas may be difficult at first. The adept may feel pain and discomfort. However, systematics and working on one’s own body will make performing them easier and more effective day by day. Asanas are not, as many suppose, “comfortable positions” or just stretching, they are disciplined and a constant process of self-improvement. Daily practice will lead to the point when they become comfortable and effortless for the individual, or as Patanjali himself said, they will be “masterfully done”, and then the practitioner will be ready to move on to the next stages on the path of yoga and enjoy the peace of mind. 

There are so many free trainings on YouTube for all kinds of levels, beginners, mid and advanced.

I personally suggest trying a few different videos and then choose the person you like the most. 

In conclusion, I would like to point out that the purpose of yoga is not to heal. As Vinekar writes: “healing is not the primary concern of yoga. It is fundamentally concerned with healthy human beings.” It should be used prophylactically, to prevent disease. One of the tasks of yoga is to relieve pain in conditions such as trauma, and to maintain balance within the body. When this stability is disturbed by an external stimulus, yoga teaches us how to deal with it, how to eliminate the adverse factor (stressor). So, yoga does not cure, but helps to fight the disease.

For prophylactic purposes it is recommended to have a proper diet, breathing exercises, meditation, practicing asanas, enjoying moments of relaxation, it is also recommended to have various types of massages and take care of hygiene, both physical and mental. People who practice yoga and live according to its instructions enjoy much better health and more energy for life. They can cope with everyday difficulties more easily and are more resistant to stress. 

It is important to note that yoga is neither a religion nor a method for healing the sick. Yoga values working with healthy individuals more. This is because its practice acts as a preventative measure in the face of a breakdown in health. It aims to build up the immunity that defends the human body from attack by external factors (stressors). However, often there are situations in which yoga alone is not enough and here the help and intervention of a specialist doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, or Coach is necessary.

However, if you feel that you are at a point where you are not coping with the anxiety, the stress in your life. A critical voice in your head is preventing you from moving forward. Do you feel like you see a door, but can’t find the key to open it? Don’t worry, I am here, and I have the key for you. Book a free discovery call with me to find out how we can change your life and give you inner peace and balance in your life. 



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