How can I see myself more realistically?

Tiffany Varpalotai
Written by Tiffany Varpalotai

A classic low self-confidence and Impostor Syndrome related issue is that we are unable look at ourselves realistically.

To be fair when we are in this mindset, we tend to see other people’s performance as being way better and our own as way worse, than it is actually.

This is because we like to think that other people are getting there by their hard work and will-power, but in the meantime we are completely ignoring all the hard work we’ve put in.

First, we forget about all the time, effort, and money we have invested into our studies. Think about all the courses, all the school lessons, the university, the workshops, etc that you’ve taken.

How many hours did you spend learning everything you need to reach your goals?
How much money did you spend?
How much effort have you invested?

And after absorbing all this knowledge, you’ve probably also invested the same amount of resources into yourself to get experience to practice what you’ve learned in real life.

Think how strong you needed to be when you failed and needed to start over? Or when someone criticised you, but you needed to stay strong?

Every time you feel low about your performance or about your current position compared with others’ please remind yourself of all this investment.

Don’t continue thinking about the 10% of things in life that you’re unable to control, and instead focus on the 90% that’s completely under your influence.

Have a look at your diplomas and certificates, your successes, your whole journey and be proud of yourself.

Be proud because you have a lot to be proud of and it deserves celebration!

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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