High Vibrational Energy Healing

Solodad Maria
Written by Solodad Maria

Energy healing and the blessings of being connected with source are a gift of the Divine, this present moment and a deep peace and harmony that results in a raised frequency and vibration that is blessed with love and soul purpose – a feeling of coming home.

I have been working with individuals since 1995 after a powerful awakening which shook me to my roots and where I experienced my multi-dimensional self and the ability to travel through different dimensions being connected with source light and ultimately transforming my whole being into one of grace, unity and joy.

A deep love permeates these sessions and over the years of working with individuals, I have seen miracles arise in the lives of those that I connect with and I believe are sent to me for this purpose.

I work mainly with women and womb energies, heart and soul connections allowing her to feel her power and her healer inside. These sessions are about integration, allowance and beauty coming together where she feels her Divine nature and her Goddess source inside, her love for humanity and life and the ability to share herself at the level of awareness. She is in touch with her power and freedom as a beautiful source of awakening for others.

At soul level there is an intimacy that may be unspoken, the sacred feminine, her life’s passage and an understanding emerges of her gifts that she shares with herself first and grows from inside – her blessed life’s purpose and peace.

Her relationships take on a dynamic of knowing and acceptance. She becomes who she already is and she is blessed with sharing her message through her everyday existence and living her wisdom, deep connection with “all that is”.

Her ways of conceiving, creating and becoming are deeply unified and connected with her womb wisdom, she will know her children at soul level and communicate with them before they become an embodiment for this purpose of birthing and coming home to Mother Earth.

Energy Healing

A confidence and a brilliance arises as she radiates the light of who she is. She is transformed and lives through this ability to share deeply her true essence of life.

Presently I am experiencing my own Crystalline process and this is emerging in the sessions and the New Earth enlightenment. The grid of Pachamama and the children that are emerging are part of the global shift in consciousness – the awareness of soul.

The children are high vibrational sources of wisdom that should be listened to and respected as a source of deep unity with the New Earth and the future generations.

As we move through these shifts in energy and the birthing of this golden light which is transforming Mother Earth, we are being blessed as a human race with the knowledge of our multi-dimensional source. Beyond the physical we are guided to live a life of creativity and balance, harmony and peace. Respect for Mother Earth and her growing flow of life that is balancing, bringing fluidity into all systems and nations arising that are connected with the ancient source and the wisdom of old.

The oceans and mammals, creatures of soul purpose, unifying and blessing our earth with their healing rays. The dolphins, whales and again ancient sources of primal and deep oceanic wisdom – the womb of Mother Earth.

As women we are feeling these energies in our wombs, respect for our connections with the source of knowledge we have inside, our ability to conceive and transform all life is within us we are the miracles of life and creators of magical sources of transformation through deep connections with all of life.

The sessions I offer are through many forms and are shared through meditations and energy sharing, awareness and connecting with the woman as a source of love and sister blessings.