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Meditative Journalling
Jane Hill
Written by Jane Hill

I’m a modern mystic and work as a meditation coach and spiritual counsellor.
It’s my privilege to work with people when they are searching for greater meaning and authenticity in their life. Through the power of my guided meditations and visiting a sacred landscape in the Otherworld we encounter and unlock our true self, that loving, compassionate, wise and joyful person that we are truly meant to be, and we begin to live our true life. I help people feel blessings and magic through the meditations – at least that’s what they tell me!

Meditation through writing

I meditate through my writing, so that the writing is both the primary experience and the secondary record of what I’m experiencing. I discovered the power of meditative journaling, just when my life seemed at its worst. Just when I’d secured what I thought would be my dream job for the career I was then pursuing I was hit with severe anxiety and panic attacks. Now I believe that was a wake-up call for me to live a more authentic life. My work with others draws deeply on this personal experience and inner journeying, and part of my work is to encourage you to find your path, as I did, through meditation, visualisation and journaling. In 2020 I published my first book, based on these meditations, Six Enchantments. It’s a collection of six short stories, written to give you peace and calm in your busy day. Each enchantment or story helps you to connect with a different aspect of the Otherworld, such as peace, calm, energy, compassion or healing for your spirit.

I found this capacity for meditative writing quite unexpectedly when I sat down one evening to journal about a course in spirituality I was attending each week. To my surprise, ‘something’ began to write ‘through me’ and I simply let it do so.

The Otherworld

Ever since then I’ve made a practice of sitting down with pen and paper to enter another world – the Otherworld. I enter a sacred landscape, not unlike lowland Scotland where I live, where I visit a sacred hawthorn tree, a stone circle, a burn, and a peaceful and protective wood. In that landscape I encounter Divine love, healing for my spirit, consolation, blessings, peace, calm and energy, whenever I need them. I’ve met my guides, who give me reassurance and wise counsel. I also spend time there sending blessings out into the world, to go where they are needed most. This in itself is a healing practice. I can’t begin to describe to you how beautiful this practice can be and how beneficial, not just for you, but for other people around you too. My book, Six Enchantments, gives you a flavour of these meditations.

Each day now I spend some time in silence and contemplation and several times a week I take time to journal, to write and to visit my Otherworld, my sacred landscape. It always brings me inner strength and peace.

Guided Meditation

When I work with others, using guided meditation, it’s these journeys to the Otherworld, the sacred landscape, that I draw on. When I work one-to-one, each meditation, although keeping to the same imagery, is absolutely individual to that person. This is what gives it its power for healing your spirit and for giving such a sense of beauty and peace. Some people with whom I’ve worked say they’ve never felt so calm and peaceful before, or had such a sense of blessing. It’s very moving to work with people who are beginning to understand they really are a spiritual being and to see them awaken and begin to unlock the spiritual and creative sides of their nature. They feel calmer and peaceful and sometimes their families notice how much calmer they are too as the benefits are noticeable to others.

Practise Meditative Writing

You can practise meditative writing on your own – all you need is a quiet place to sit, indoors or out, a notebook and pen, and the commitment to spending some minutes in waiting for your inner self to speak to you. Let others know that you don’t want to be disturbed, sit quietly and wait. In your own words, ask to open up to whatever the universe wants to show you. Images, words, phrases may come to you. Your inner world awaits – and has been waiting for you to invite it to awaken. Your heart longs to connect with stillness, peace and calm, and with the beauty of the Otherworld. When we do this our spirit is refreshed and restored.

Deep within our heart we long to express and live to that truth. It’s vitally important to our wellbeing that we connect to that Divine beauty that lives within us, and for me meditation and journaling is the way to do so.

Sitting peacefully for some time each day, whether you write or not, may change your life. It changed mine.

And my work is to help and support you as you take your first steps to finding your true life for yourself, to help you find blessings, beauty and magic and to keep on connecting with those through meditation and writing.

Photo by Noémi Macavei-Katócz and Robert Lukeman on Unsplash

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