Essential Oils for Health

Essential Oils

Plants provide us with oxygen, food and medicine for mind, body and spirit, that makes them pretty important don’t you think?

Essential oils are complex, natural chemicals carefully extracted from herbs, plants, flowers, fruits, bark, roots or resin from various trees, such as the powerfully healing oil from the Frankincense tree. They can be considered the life force of the plant and consist of a mixture of organic compounds such as ketones, terpenes, esters, alcohols and aldehydes, each with amphoteric (can act as an acid or a base) properties enabling certain appropriate cell receptors in the body to be stimulated or calmed according to need. They are very clever, healing little molecules.

These wonderful natural chemicals can help to heal so many physical and emotional health issues as well as being extremely pleasant to use for young and old.

The use of pure oils for improved health and healing is called aromatherapy and it is so much more than pleasantly scented essences.

True aromatherapy uses oils which are strong, effective and versatile plant medicines with often very safe side effect profiles that mean many people with different conditions can benefit from them. It is vital though that for effective healing and safety, only certified therapeutic grade oils are used (CPTG) that have been rigorously tested and approved by independent regulatory companies such as

Internal Application

The only oils I am aware of that have this certification is doTERRA and as such many of these oils have been deemed safe according to scientists and senior healthcare professions for internal use, this means they can be added to cold or warm water to enhance the nutritional and healing properties of water as well as to smoothies and food, lemon oil added to jelly for poorly children goes down very well and aids recovery.

They are also amazing in raw chocolate where you not only get the yumminess from the cacao but also the medicine from the oil. Wild orange, lavender, peppermint, lime, geranium and even frankincense work wonderfully well and all have various health-giving properties.

Topical Application

High quality, 100% pure oils may also be administered topically without dilution.

Lavender, for example may aid restful sleep and can simply be applied to the soles of the feet where faster absorption into the blood occurs. Lavender can help reduce stress and anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and more and is the oil of communication to encourage honest self -expression.

The health -giving properties of these wonderful oils seems almost endless and I really could go on.

For further reading I recommend “The Essential Life” and “Essential Oils for Happy Living,” by Rebecca Linder Hintze.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash