Enjoy the Silence

Lyn Eborall
Written by Lyn Eborall

I’m sure I can’t be alone in craving a bit of silence in my life.  Sometimes the world seems so busy and hectic, bombarded with a constant stream of noise and distractions.  It also becomes habit to switch on the radio or reach for the phone when you find yourself alone for a moment.

However, being in silence and stillness can be really powerful and teaches us so much about ourselves.

Once in a while allocate yourself some quiet time where you can really give your mind a detox.  If possible, spend a day or half a day in silence.  Enjoy the time for quiet reflection, goal setting and meditation.

Reflect on the positives in your life and think about all the things you are grateful for.  This helps to enhance your mood and develop a compassionate heart.

Set goals and repeat positive affirmations.  These positive affirmations are like seeds in our mind, that when repeated begin to grow until we are living as our true positive self.

Meditate, spend a little time just connecting with your breath and sitting in silence.  Notice the thoughts that pop into your head, and when you realise you’ve starting thinking about something, let it go and drift away from that thought.  Let go….. breathe….. let go….. breathe.

We all need a little time to stop and just be.  When we move from ‘doing’ to just ‘being’ our brainwaves slow down and it opens up our creative mind.  We discover new things about ourselves and find inner strength to handle all manner of daily pressures.  Giving yourself permission to sit in silence and allowing this time can help us to find inner calm and to connect to our authentic selves.  In addition, a sensory detox works wonders for bringing about a more positive outlook.  So give it a go, switch off your devices, find a quiet spot and enjoy the silence and stillness and maybe you’ll discover that elusive inner peace.