Do you feel like hibernating?

Holly Plackett
Written by Holly Plackett

As the nights draw in earlier and earlier I don’t believe I am alone in feeling the desire to hibernate. The heating is on, I’m wrapped up in my warm jumper with big fluffy socks on and a good book in my hands. Bliss. Well it is bliss except that I seem to grind to a halt almost as soon as it gets dark. It’s like my body is saying, “well it’s dark now, time to shut down and curl up nice and snug”. Perhaps I was a cat in a former life – I love warmth and I love curling up on the sofa.

Or more likely it’s because the earlier nights trigger something in us, long forgotten and unused that makes us want to hibernate. In the summer it feels like I could keep doing odds and ends all evening, the sun is out, there is so much to do, one can stay outside in the garden ‘til late into the evening, then the night’s draw in and we retreat indoors, drawing the curtains tight against the encroaching darkness.

Why do we feel like this? I know there is what’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder and some people can be deeply affected by this, whereas others are only very mildly affected. I never seem to feel quite so energetic and enthusiastic in the winter months. I lose my oomph, I get niggly and allow people to get under my skin more easily. Dismal drizzly damp days affect me the worst, I always reminisce about the beautiful clear crisp winter days of my childhood (I’m only 36 by the way) that I love so much and that we seem to get so few of these days but perhaps my mind has vanquished those drizzly dank days from my childhood. Perhaps I am simply not suited to the British climate but my first choice of country to emigrate to would be New Zealand and that has very much the same climate as us so no solution there.

How can I boost myself during these dark days?

  • Keep a positive outlook
  • Don’t wait for that lovely day to get out and about, get out and about whatever the weather
  • If it is glorious get out for longer
  • Purchase brighter energy saving bulbs
  • Upgrade soft furnishings for brighter colours
  • Buy a winter seasonal indoor flowering plant such as hyacinth
  • Be kind to yourself during these month
  • Take me time, time just for yourself

How do you go about boosting yourself during the winter months? I would love to hear other peoples ideas.