Yoga Disco

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Written by Lick Yoga

So you thought Yoga was all about quietness and solitary meditation. Well think again.

The Lick Yoga Project has a brought a new Yoga concept to Brighton – Yoga Disco. Lick Yoga Project is the first studio to run Yoga Disco classes in the UK. The concept was originally conceived in Norway and Dionne, Lick Yoga’s resident Yoga teacher and power behind the Project, has introduced it to Brighton, UK.

Lick Yoga Project has run a couple of classes and plans to run more in the future from their Warehouse in Brighton.

So what, I hear you ask, is Yoga Disco? Check out this Youtube video from one of the Yoga Disco classes run by Dionne.

Yoga Disco begins the same as any other yoga class might begin, and continues this way for the first 30 minutes. The class then moves into more lively movement, perhaps some acting, or improvisation. The class comes to an end  with a peaceful comedown. As you can see in the video Yoga Disco also incorporates group and partner work. The room and ambience is set as an 80’s disco theme but it is still a relaxing environment.

Yoga Disco is a great introduction to yoga for the beginner and attendees tend to hang around, chat and drink Mocktails after the class all adding to a great sociable experience.

The Yoga Disco class is offered as a “Pay what you can Yoga class”. Related article: Something’s Changing in Brighton’s Yoga Scene

Response to this new concept has been great and Lick Yoga are planning more sessions. So if you live in and around Brighton and fancy experiencing a new Yoga concept then keep your eyes peeled for their next event.