Being a Medium

Written by Wendi Lindsay

Sticking with the spiritual theme I would like to share this article written by Wendi who is a Medium. The article explains how she performs readings and what sort of messages come through to her.

I’ve been doing informal tarot readings, usually just family, for many years and always been amazed how they seem to be correct. My paternal grandmother was a fortune-teller and used to read tea leaves and I was told people used to queue to get their fortunes told by her.

When I started seeing, feeling, hearing things, this always seemed to be when a member of my family had passed. I’ve always been interested in the spiritual world and the supernatural so I started developing my psychic ability by attending, and still do, a monthly psychic development group.

Online Readings

I’m now doing readings online and face-to-face. I do a lot of readings online through an American agency and these are mainly love and relationship tarot readings. My online messenger readings start with tarot linking to the client and then I link in to the spirit and relay messages from loved ones which invariably includes places, favourite food items, toys and spirit memories of their time on Earth. This gives validation to the client and also for me.

Even now I find it magical that I can link in to something or someone like a deceased pet who wanted to pass a message on to its owner, for example a deceased labrador wanted to inform its owner that the puppies needed cheese. The message I got was just ‘cheese’ and the client as able to interpret this because I was unaware that an animal had passed this message onto me. Although the animal and client were based in the USA the distance didn’t matter.

The other day I had another online reading, this lady was also from the USA. She wanted to contact her grandfather to know find out best to commemorate the anniversary of his death. I had a vision of a bridge and then the word ‘raspberries’ amongst many other validations including names. The client validated that her and grandfather used to go to this bridge in Colorado and pick wild raspberries underneath. There is no way on this earth that I could have known this information.

Effects of being Medium

The downside for me is that I feel emotions of passed loved ones and can get quite tearful which is why, at the moment, I prefer doing online rather than face-to-face readings but this shows, I’ve been told, that I am empathetic and genuine.

My Abilities

I feel I am clairaudient which means clear hearing, and clairvoyant which means clear seeing but I can also feel energies from objects which can sometimes be traumatic. For example I had a World War I sailor suit that I planned to resell. The feelings I got from this suit were that of a weight and pressure on my chest and water all around me which made me believe this sailor drowned. We were able to validate this information as we had the number and name of the sailor.


I’ve been doing digital art for many years and through face-to-face readings I do pencil sketches. However, the digital art that I have drawn from years ago now seems to be relevant in some of my readings today. I know this sounds a bit like Doctor Who and time travel but I’ve been informed that there is no time in the spirit world, it is all now.

Here is one of the sketches that I did a couple of years ago on my iPad using my finger and this year I did a reading for a colleague. I happened to mention that the vision I had of her grandfather seemed to be similar to a sketch I had done previously. When I sent her this picture she said that that is the image of her grandfather. Explain that?