A modern approach to Mind Analysis & Therapy inspired by Biocentrism

What is the difference between Biocentric Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalysis itself?

Biopsysis – Biocentric Psychoanalysis©® is a new approach to “Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy” inspired by a theory of Physics called

Biocentrism. The concept of “Identity” is central. The “Ego”, its existence, nature and activity is far more important than it was in the older psychoanalytic approaches. The Biocentric approach is pragmatic, integrative and looks for solutions, with the main goal to act fast and efficiently. Time perception and memory are important also, the same with prevention and of course the honesty and professional integrity of the practitioner. In the Biocentric perspective Philosophy of Mind and Theoretical Physics come together. Finally, Biocentric Psychoanalysis©® uses many of the cognitive, dialectical, rational-emotive and hypnotic behavioural therapy tools. It is not properly classifiable as a “talking therapy” because it strongly believes that communication is only less than 10% words and because the main therapeutic tool is Logics, to investigate a patient’s inferential thought processes, learning system, interactional behaviour and inducted emotions, through sensorial and perceptive stimulation, in order to introduce gradual changes to their “habits”, to make them acceptable and stabilize them over the weeks, months and years, to pursue a patient’s complete realisation and happiness.

Is Biopsysis classifiable as a “talking therapy”?

Only partially. It involves talking to a therapist but talking itself is not the cure, nor the main therapeutic tool. This is because Philosophy of Mind shows well that Language is the concrete product of our own beliefs – as individuals and as a species – the last stage of Knowledge, the most “corrupted” one. According to Biocentrism, Mind “creates” Reality, starting with the “illusion of time”. So, during a Biopsysis session, language and words are only instruments of data collection. Body language analysis, cognitive tests, stimuli reaction measurements, drawing, music and equine therapy, for example, are tools of primary importance. In conclusion, Biopsysis is a modern type of Mind Analysis and Therapy resulting from a multidisciplinary approach and hybrid background. Due to this, Biopsysis is unique, an independent analytical science now taught at the IBPI (International Biocentric Psychoanalysis Institute), first and only postgraduate school of specialisation in Biocentric Psychoanalysis of the world.