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4 Reasons why I meditate

Corinne Vella
Written by Corinne Vella

Mindfulness changed my life. As in, completely! I started on my mindful journey over 3 years ago, have been practising regularly for over 2 years, and I am currently meditating a minimum of once a day. Despite living through the worst pandemic the world has seen in over a century, I have never been happier. I know that this is thanks to mindfulness and the peace it has brought to my life. Here I wish to share with you 4 reasons why I meditate, and why I persist with it, even if I’m busy, even if I’m tired, even if I’m stressed…

1. I didn’t like the person I had become

Looking back I can see that the relentless pace of the rat race, people’s drama, the traffic, the politics… practically everything around me had turned me into a very cynical and not necessarily very nice person to be around. I was negative, I was angry, and I think I was also more than a little bit arrogant. My knee-jerk reaction was exactly that, to react. I snapped at people and very much went about with a chip on my shoulder. I wasn’t happy and I couldn’t pinpoint what was making me unhappy. And despite changing numerous things in my life, that feeling of deep-seated sadness persisted. Mindfulness has helped me to change my outlook. The world around me hasn’t changed, but I no longer react, I no longer fly off the handle, I am no longer caught up in my head narrating a very negative tale to myself all the time. 

2. It gives me clarity

Practising Mindfulness has brought me clarity, and in my daily practice that is the intention I continuously bring to the fore of my mind. For me clarity came overnight and it was precipitated by the loss of someone very dear to me. I had already been practising mindfulness for over a year, and I was feeling much happier and much more contained in my emotions – I was no longer spilling worries, fears and anxieties – and the readings I carried out (and still do) helped to show me how the mind works, and how becoming a slave to one’s negative mind is a very real possibility. I’d go as far as to say that it is one of the worst contemporary maladies that we are collectively going through. So I knew overnight that I wanted to change my life, I knew what had to go and I knew what I wanted to strengthen. I chose to opt for nourishing activities over depleting ones, I opted for personal and professional relationships which do not destroy the soul but nourish it, I chose to be creative and artistic and to make time for the things which I love doing. 

Of course, whilst it all came to me overnight, I was not able to implement my plan at the snap of my fingers. This had to unfold over a number of months, over a period of time when many doubts plagued me, when I wavered from that resolution because I felt misguided or because my day-to-day activities interfered with that absolute clarity that I had gained. And yet, my daily practice during those months allowed me to persist in following my dreams, despite the doubts, despite the people who felt I was letting them down, despite the people who couldn’t understand… 

3. I feel content 

Because I feel I have more clarity, and feel I have space in my head for things other than negative chatter and anxieties, I feel content. When I go about my day, I am now able to catch glimpses of the beautiful, and I allow myself to feel the moment and to appreciate that which is beautiful around me. I see the blue sky, I see caterpillars moving on plants, I nod at people as I drive, or as I buy food for my cat at the supermarket I share a chuckle with the lady who happens to be next to me about the fussiness of my cat… I see people as being 3 dimensional again, not simply bodies in my way. I feel that I am part of the shared human experience again, not on my own trying to fight my way through life, and this solidarity also makes me feel content. 

4. I am grateful

Gratitude seems to be a natural by-product of the transformations I have undergone and which I am still undergoing. When the chirping of birds calls me to the present moment, when the colours of the sunset shout out in a blazing harmony of reds and oranges, when I see the blue sky offset by the branches of trees and hear the whispering of the leaves, I feel an immense gratitude welling up in me. When my mind was busy with worries and negative self-chatter, I was not open to seeing the beautiful, I was not open to the present moment. Now I am and I am infinitely grateful that Mindfulness has helped me to wake up to the life I already have!

Now you know why I meditate and can see the benefits meditation has given me, I wonder how you might benefit?

About the author

Corinne Vella

Corinne Vella

My name is Corinne and I am an accredited Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Trainer and Practitioner. Six years ago I was not in a good place. I was stressed working in management, I was caught up in my head, I was anxious and I had no joy and little hope.

I knew that I needed to find a way forward and so I undertook a lot of work on myself and discovered Mindfulness quite by accident. I am confident that Mindfulness contributed a great deal to me regaining my balance, and thanks to it I have found endless reserves of gratitude and contentment.
I lost my job during covid’s first wave and saw it as an opportunity to get my accreditation in order to share this wonderful practice with others. When something good happens to me, I want to spread it, and I know that sharing happiness begets happiness. Sharing joy begets joy. Sharing love begets love. And sharing gratitude begets gratitude.

I work online offering MBCT courses to adults on a group or one to one basis, and in winter I also organise guided Mindful Walks in the countryside. Teaching has been the calling of my soul since I was 18, and I feel privileged to share this wondrous practice that I am so passionate about with others.

I am from Malta, a tiny island in the Med. I love the sea, reading, and spending time with my partner, my niece and nephew, and my 2 cats.

Facebook: @RestinginAwareness

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